Elizabeth Cassano Talks About How Athletes Can Improve Their Health For Better Performance

In this interview, functional medicine health coach, Elizabeth Cassano, talks about her alarming discovery of thyroid dysfunction, and how athletes are vulnerable to ignoring warning signs from their bodies. Despite her subsequent diagnosis with Hashimotos, she now lives symptom-free and continues to enjoy training and sharing her message with fellow athletes around the world.

Functional medicine health coach, Elizabeth Cassano, talks about her Hashimoto’s diagnosis at a time she was training for Ironman

You will learn:

0:50 how being fit did not equal being healthy
3:20 what fatigue is normal
4:25 the truth about runners diarrhea
8:00 what causes thyroid dysfunction and what approaches she using to live symptom-free
12:10 the gift of symptoms
16:00 some causes of symptoms

BIO: Investigating and educating her clients on the root cause of interconnected dysfunction in the body in order to regain their health & wellness is Elizabeth’s #1 priority. An energetic, thriving Functional Medicine Health Coach, she’s also an avid proponent of active wellness. She recognizes that the GI distress athletes often experience are gifts signaling the body needs more attention. Stressors, suboptimal nutrition, poor sleep hygiene, and cellular dehydration are symptoms she has experienced firsthand. Elizabeth knows these can wreak havoc on the gut, which directly impacts the immune system and creates downstream dysfunction. She states, “Once health is optimized, better, faster and stronger are all viable options.” Elizabeth has chased down the Big 5 in Tanzania, Humpback whales in the Strait of Magellan, and 5 Ironman finishes in the U.S. and Canada.

Contact: www.elizabethcassano.com

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