Treat chronic hives naturally

Want a Natural Way to Treat Chronic Hives? Your 4-Step Hive-Free Roadmap

Are you looking for a natural way to treat chronic hives, but have no idea where to start?

You’re in good company!

There are many people inside my Chronic Urticaria Solution Seekers Facebook group wondering the same thing. 

Most of them are searching for a quick solution to treating their chronic hives and want to know the right supplements to buy, the right tests to take, and the right doctors to see.

But what they don’t realize is there’s a much faster way to come off medications and become hive-free. One that DOESN’T involve a laundry list of supplements and expensive lab tests.

My hive-free road map is designed to address the most common imbalances keeping you stuck, so you can go from confused and not knowing what to do about your hives, to totally in control of your symptoms. 

Treating Chronic Hives: Your Hive-Free Roadmap

Step One: Nutrition 

If you’re just starting to treat your chronic hives, the first place to start is nutrition…but nutrition can be confusing!

Most people have been told to follow the low histamine diet, but I don’t recommend this for a few reasons:

  • This diet is restrictive, confusing, and difficult to follow.
  • Some lists include inflammatory foods like gluten and dairy, yet exclude healthy foods like bone broth, fermented foods, citrus fruits, leafy greens, and avocado…how is that healthy?
  • Cutting out high histamine foods does nothing to address why you have high histamine in the first place. And once you stop eating this way, your hives can return. 

Instead of following a low histamine diet, I recommend an anti-inflammatory diet that eliminates foods like gluten, dairy, sugar, and alcohol. These foods are known for inflaming the gut, which plays a huge role in your hives (more on that below). 

By lowering inflammation in the gut, you can regulate the immune system, and reduce histamine naturally. 

To help you start making changes to your nutrition, I’ve created a free 7-Day Cleaning Eating Challenge. This challenge will help you understand the role nutrition plays in your chronic hives and support you as you make healthy changes

When you sign up, you’ll receive 7 days of educational resources and tips, plus over 20 recipes to help you heal your gut. I’ve also created gluten-free and dairy-free guides to make this transition as easy as possible. 

This challenge is often enough to dramatically reduce your symptoms, and is an essential first step to treat your chronic hives.  

Start the 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge HERE. 

Step Two: Detoxification 

Once you’ve made basic changes to your nutrition, it’s time to take it one step further and support your body’s natural detoxification pathways. I recommend starting by reducing your exposure to toxins. 

Some of the most common toxins I see with my clients are:

  • Endogenous toxins: toxins released by our own bodies (eg. metabolic or bacterial waste)
  • Infections: bacteria, fungus, and parasites
  • Glyphosate: A weed killer found in conventionally raised wheat, produce, and processed foods
  • BPA: a chemical used to manufacture plastics
  • Over-the-counter medications: Advil, Tylenol, and other generic painkillers that inflame the gut lining & compromise DAO production
  • Mould: Mycotoxins found in damp or damaged homes
  • Phthalates: Endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in plastics, solvents, and personal care products
  • Heavy Metals: Commonly found in mercury, lead, and arsenic from exposure to air, water, and soil pollution
  • Food additives: Found in processed foods to extend shelf life and enhance flavour

Many of these toxins create physical stress and hormone imbalance in the body, which can trigger the release of histamine, and reduce DAO production. As more toxins (and excess histamine) build, your liver has a hard time metabolizing and eliminating them.

This leads to more inflammation, more histamine, and you guessed it…more hives.  

By removing these toxins slowly from your life, you can address hormone imbalances and support your body’s detoxification pathways like the liver and lymphatic system.

Before you get TOO overwhelmed trying to avoid all these things, choose one category at a time and go from there. Can you switch to a natural deodorant or laundry detergent this week? Can you find room in your budget for organic foods? Can you get your home tested for mould?

Once my client Mary improved her nutrition and eliminated toxins, she was able to treat her chronic hives naturally. She can now eat foods without fear of breaking out, she lost 10kgs, eliminated vertigo, and even improved her menopausal symptoms.  

In my 30 Day Reboot Program, we focus on supporting your natural detoxification through nutrition and lifestyle habits. You’ll take the nutrition principles you learned in the 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge one step further by performing a FULL elimination diet. Plus you’ll receive a ton of resources on liver health, and the importance of emotional detoxification, stress management, and self-care.  

Book a call to see if the 30 Day Reboot is right for you. 

Step Three: Gut Health 

If changing your nutrition and lowering your exposure to toxins doesn’t help you treat your chronic hives, the next place to look is in the gut

The truth is, you could be eating the healthiest diet in the world but if you aren’t digesting any of it, it won’t do you much good. Poor gut health causes many issues contributing to your hives like:

  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • An overactive immune system/autoimmune disease
  • High histamine levels
  • Impaired cellular function
  • Poor detoxification and elimination 

I help my clients optimize their digestion by taking a top down approach to gut health. Learn more about how this is different to most other practitioners inside my free masterclass GLOW

Here’s a simple bird’s eye view of how you can support your gut:

  1. Remove: Eliminate foods and toxins inflaming the gut lining (like we covered in steps one and two).
  1. Repair: Work with a practitioner to address WHY you have a breakdown in digestive function. Is there bacterial overgrowth that needs attention? Do you have enough stomach acid or digestive enzymes to support the process? 
  1. Rebuild: Introduce nutrient dense plants to address nutrient deficiencies and healing foods to repair the gut lining.

Gut health directly impacts other areas of health such as immune health, hormone health, mental health, and thyroid health. Many clients who complete my Heal Your Gut program see improvements in other conditions as well. 

Heal Your Gut is for people who’ve made nutritional changes and are ready to take the next step. If you know you need support in this area, you’ll receive my 30-Day Reboot program as a bonus when you sign up, so you can complete steps 1-3 with one investment.

Book a call to see if my Heal Your Gut program is right for you. 

Step Four: Nervous System Regulation 

The last step to treat your chronic hives is addressing the mental, emotional, and even spiritual blocks keeping you stuck. 

Here’s why:

When your brain feels safe and relaxed, your vagus nerve activates the parasympathetic nervous system, or ‘rest and digest’ state. This is the state your body needs to be in in order to heal. 

If the brain does NOT feel safe, due to chronic stress or unresolved trauma, the vagus nerve will activate the sympathetic nervous system, your “fight or flight” response. This turns “off”  important functions like digestion, detoxification, and immune regulation to give your body the energy it needs to either fight or run away.

If you’re continuously stuck in ‘flight or flight’ mode, you can heal your gut, but it won’t stay healed for long. You will go back to not being able to digest your food properly, and experience a halt in your progress. 

I’ve seen this on the timelines of many clients who have experienced stressful or life changing events. Urticaria can show up soon after or years after traumatic or emotionally stressful periods.

Regulating your nervous system is key to reversing chronic hives, and not something all functional medicine practitioners are equipped to address. This is why I use Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®)energy healing, and even medical intuition as a part of my hive-free work to offer a comprehensive solution to addressing imbalances from all angles.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from supporting clients on their hive-free journey, it’s that everyone’s journey looks a little different. In order to help you become hive-free, I need to learn about what you’ve already tried, and what has and hasn’t worked. 

From there, I can help you figure out an action plan to get you on the fastest path to healing. 

Book a free breakthrough call with me to learn more about the programs and offerings I mentioned in this post. We’ll establish where you are in your hive-free journey and determine which next step is right for you. 

Book your FREE 30-minute breakthrough call HERE.

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