Biohacking expert, Matt Dippl, talks about putting his Hashimoto’s into remission

In this episode, Biohacker, Matt Dippl talks about how even having studied traditional chinese medicine, he was not finding the answers to his health issues. Only when he dug deeper into the root causes of his health issues and applying functional medicine approaches did he begin to unwind his tangled mess.

Functional medicine interview with biohacking expert, Matt Dippl.

What you will learn in the episode:

0:00 Intro
3:00 Hashimotos explained and what bi-polar might have in common with this diagnosis
5:00 early signs and symptoms of Hashimotos
7:10 how conventional medicine and functional medicine differ in their approach
10:05 what some health practitioners are ashamed to admit
11:20 the poor man’s marker for thyroid imbalance
From minute
13:00 he describes the 7-Step process he used following Dr Mark Hyman’s Book
14:30 the breakthrough in getting his gut health challenges addressed
15:24 this everyday function that prevented his body from reaching a relaxed state for healing
16:30 his best recommendation for addressing candida
17:25 two of the biggest reasons for an imbalanced gut flora starting at birth 18:45 the supplements he is taking to support detoxification
19:40 what purpose has to do with healing
20:50 other biohacking methods he is using to maintain his health
24:30 His number one hack that he recommends and supporting resources

Who is Matt Dippl?

Matt Dippl, BHSc, founder of, a health optimization consultancy based in Munich offers functional medicine based lifestyle medicine workshops and coaching programs to improve and secure the health of knowledge workers in the 21st century digital knowledge economy.

Contact: Email:

What is Biohacking?

Biohacking is a novel data driven approach to improve one’s health via applying simple biohacks to improve one’s health via applying Epigenetics, nutrigenomics, sleep optimization, and other lifestyle interventions in daily life.


Breathing Methods to improve Oxygenation and Relaxation:
1. Book „Breathe as you are: Harmonious Breathing for Everyone“ by Fabio Andrico
2. Online Course: „Wim Hof Method“

Biological Dentistry Dr. Domenik Nieschwitz in Germany:
Nutrigenomics testing with myDNAhealth in the UK:
Emulsified Oregano based Anti Dysbiosis Product: A.D.P. from Biotics Research

Reading Resources:
„Why do I still have Thyroid Symptoms?“ by Dr. Kharrazian
„The Disease Delusion“ by Dr. Jeffrey Bland
„The Ultra Mind Solution “ by Dr. Mark Hyman
„The 4R Program“ PDF after Dr. Jeffrey Bland
„It all starts in your Mouth“ from Dr. Domenik Nieschwitz…

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