How emotions can manifest in the body and force us to deal with them.

Functional medicine health coach, Jo Coburn, experienced trauma that she refused to acknowledge. Little did she realise that the chronic urticaria she had been experiencing was her body’s way of asking her to deal with suppressed emotions. This episode is an important lesson for all who choose not to face the music that life is playing for us.

Functional medicine interview with Jo Coburn on chronic urticaria

You will hear:
1:30 What series of traumatic events triggered her downward spiral
3:20 What the scientist in her did not want to believe
4:20 How emotions affect our biochemistry
5:50 Early signs of imbalance from her childhood
6:40 How a mother’s health is connected to her child’s health
8:50 Why she was doing everything right but still wasn’t finding healing
11:35 How knowing her genetics changed her approach
17:30 How she deals with trauma and emotions
20:20 How homeopathy helped her face her emotions

BIO: Jo Coburn, president and founder of True Wellness of WNY, Inc, a Functional Medicine Coaching and Wellness Center in WNY, offers a unique approach to getting you back on the path to wellness. Driven by a passion to see you live your best life, she has dedicated her time to learning all she can about how all the pieces of your puzzle fit together and helps you untangle your unique web of symptoms, life experiences, and joins you in the journey back to a life where you can truly have the energy and motivation to life to your fullest potential. True Wellness offers classes, coaching, and other services and products to fit each clients unique needs

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What is True Wellness?

Unlike the conventional approach to health that labels and prescribes without a deep understanding of the path that got us to a life of dis-ease and suboptimal health, finding true wellness is a journey that can be enjoyable and fulfilling. Most people relegate themselves to living with their symptoms and managing with them but True Wellness happens when we understand what our body needs and can supply those needs. Our mission is to help as many people leave behind the symptom management and get on with living their purpose.

Resources for dealing with emotional healing: Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol K. Truman

Releasing Emotional Patterns Using Essential Oils by Carolyn Mein

My Recommended Essential Oils

Or download my Immune Support checklist that will support the health of your whole family.

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