Hashimotos: Finding your why and embracing change.

In this interview, functional medicine health coach, Amanda Hinman, describes very passionately how pure nutrition, dedication, a coach and a nutritionist, solved a puzzle that had even expert neurologists baffled. This episode is filled with gems on mindset and how having a WHY could be the missing key to someone’s success.

You will learn:

0:00 Intro
3:00 how food and supplements didn’t give her full resolution
4:20 her why
5:00 that compelled her to learn more
9:40 how supplements are sometimes not the solution
12:15 important changes she made
13:50 the difference between plant protein and animal protein
16:10 lifestyle changes her family made
18:30 how to get through hard change

Bio: Amanda Hinman, Functional Medicine Health Coach and founder of Hinman Holistic Health Institute works with women in creating unique and effective health transformation plans. Her focus is on helping you reach your goals in a long-lasting way, that is sustainable. She believes nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all approach and combines science with your lifestyle to help you to feel your best. Amanda has a growing specialty in hormone health and is here to help you create control over your life, feel energized and be confident and happy in your body.

Contact: amanda@hinmans.com Website: www.hinmans.com

Resources: Karen Hurd Nutritional Practices at www.karenhurd.com

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