Want to restore balance in your body?

Nutrition & Functional Medicine Coaching

Nobody knows your body better than you do. Together we investigate and follow the clues your body is giving us to uncover the cause of the imbalances in your body. I will help you clear the confusion so you can begin making progress towards better health.


I cannot "fix" you. I can give you tools and education so you can make the best choices for your health.


Change is not always easy. Be gentle and patient with yourself. Small habits can create consistent progress.


You are not alone on your journey. I will support you with knowledge, coaching, and personalised service.

See what clients have to say


“Mireille was the person who gave me professional information and at the same time with her empathy she understood my motivation and needs. This really helped me find the best advice and clarify next steps. As a person Mireille is a natural coach. Her ability to listen and ask the right questions helped me to understand where my habits are coming from and this was the main step to changing them.”

"Thank you for all your hard work and effort, your strategies ideas and encouragement. I have in this time working with you gotten back on track, added to my tools and knowledge that will keep me going on my journey to healing, even when I fall out of routine, or off the wagon !! Now I know I can get back up quicker. I’ve found some new habits that I’m loving and I’ve learnt to make and change habits more effectively. I have new focus for now and look forward to working with you again, it’s been a pleasure."


Move your health forward!